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Raymond C. Hall
564 Beverley High Road

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General Healthcare

Prescription Delivery Service

If you are unable to get to the Pharmacy, we will do our best to deliver your medication to you as soon as possible.

Wheelchair Access

The Pharmacy can be accessed easily by our customers who use wheelchairs.

First Aid Supplies

Ready made kits or individual first aid items can be purchased from the pharmacy.

Other Services

Private Consulting Area

We have a consulting area within the pharmacy to ensure all our customers healthcare concerns are heard in private.

Contraceptive Advice

We can advise on the best forms of contraception for you. All enquiries will be treated in the utmost confidence. We also offer advice on emergency contraception if required. Make an appointment to speak to Mrs Hall, our family-planning trained nurse.

Dispensing of Prescriptions

We will be happy to dispense both NHS and private prescriptions. We dispense all medicines in childproof containers unless asked otherwise. Please remember to keep all medicines out of reach of children.

Advice of Medicines

You can always discuss your specific medical concerns with your pharmacist, as well as any general healthcare or lifestyle matter.

Pharmacists are fully trained in the appropriate use of medicines you are taking. You may rest assured that your enquiries will always be dealt with in confidence. If you are concerned about a healthcare matter, then it’s our concern.

Unwanted Medicines

Please return all unwanted medicines to the Pharmacy where they can be safely destroyed. Hoarding medicines can have fatal consequences.

Prescription Collection Service

We can obtain your prescription from your GP and prepare it for you to collect at a convenient time. Please ask a member of staff for further information.